Life Skills Development at Anuvia

FOCUS taught my child to accept responsibility.

Raising a Drug-free Kid

Good communication and being someone your child can talk to is important.

Prevention Works for Prescription Drug Abuse

A presentation on prescription drug abuse illuminates the problem and the solution.

A Heart Attack Wakes up an Alcoholic

My story starts when I was 13 years old and had my first drink of beer. As I got older, I went to drinking more and more, so when I turned 35, I was drinking day and night.

From Near Death to New Life

Alcohol and pot took me to the darkest depths of my life. I nearly died on my last binge. What once had been my idea of “fun” turned on me and grabbed me by the throat. I knew that the part of me that craved alcohol wanted me dead, and I was terrified.

A Broken Spirit Healed

I was a lost man with a broken spirit when I arrived at Anuvia. Today, thanks to its wonderful staff, I am blessed with a better life. I am a grateful recovering addict named Jeff W, and I want to share with you a little bit about my recovery.

Facing Homelessness, Hope Found at Anuvia

I loved cocaine. And I loved alcohol – probably more than anything else in my life. But in the end, after trying to kill myself with them, I realized that I really didn’t want to die for them.

An Addict Turns the Corner

After being arrested for possession of heroin, I found myself in Mecklenburg County’s drug court. I started treatment several months after that, and I was eager to learn how and why I became addicted to heroin.

First Drink at Age 8, Recovery at age 53

The first time I had a shot of rum was 45 years ago, when I was about eight years old. I got it from my grandmother, who was an alcoholic. Looking back, I realize now that my father was an alcoholic, too. In ninth grade, I started with the drugs.

From Hard Drugs to Recovery

I was sixteen years old when I experienced my first encounter with heroin. I had never felt anything like it ... but it seemed like just an instant, like just one night turned my life into tragedy and misery.

A Chronic Relapser Turns the Corner

After a month of going to meetings at Anuvia, making friends there, getting a sponsor and calling him, I proceeded to shut up and sit down, pay attention, and I actually learned something.

La Historia de mi Recuperacion

Le tengo que dar gracias a mi Poder Superior que me dio la valentía y el poder necesario para ayudarme a luchar día tras día con mi problema de actitudes.

A Family Finds Relief

I just can't thank you and your program enough for hanging in there with Zan and advising him and us on taking charge of his life and ours. I am such a supporter of your program and especially Rick and Pat. Just thinking of last Christmas -- whew -- not going there again hopefully.

Anuvia and Drug Treatment Court

Anuvia and Drug Court have helped me a whole lot in my recovery and life changes. My team seems to care, and even the judge cares.

Victory Through Surrender

I stayed in a state of relapse until New Years, when I decided to stop fighting myself and Anuvia altogether.

A Decision to Surrender

At first, I was very reluctant and somewhat negative, but the more I opened up, I found that I wanted to change my life and my future. God and my family were the most important things in my life. I started getting involved and understanding the tools that I needed in my life to take control and stay healthy and sober in mind, body and spirit.