Life Skills Development at Anuvia

FOCUS taught my child to accept responsibility.

Raising a Drug-free Kid

Good communication and being someone your child can talk to is important.

Prevention Works for Prescription Drug Abuse

A presentation on prescription drug abuse illuminates the problem and the solution.

A Heart Attack Wakes up an Alcoholic

My story starts when I was 13 years old and had my first drink of beer. As I got older, I went to drinking more and more, so when I turned 35, I was drinking day and night.

From Near Death to New Life

Alcohol and pot took me to the darkest depths of my life. I nearly died on my last binge. What once had been my idea of “fun” turned on me and grabbed me by the throat. I knew that the part of me that craved alcohol wanted me dead, and I was terrified.

Future Chef Overcomes Mental Illness & Addiction

My story begins at the detox on Billingsley Road. While I was there, it was suggested to me that I go to the outpatient treatment program (SACOT) at Anuvia. I thought SACOT was only offered at the Men’s Shelter, so this information helped, but I didn’t go.

A Broken Spirit Healed

I was a lost man with a broken spirit when I arrived at Anuvia. Today, thanks to its wonderful staff, I am blessed with a better life. I am a grateful recovering addict named Jeff W, and I want to share with you a little bit about my recovery.

Facing Homelessness, Hope Found at Anuvia

I loved cocaine. And I loved alcohol – probably more than anything else in my life. But in the end, after trying to kill myself with them, I realized that I really didn’t want to die for them.

An Addict Turns the Corner

After being arrested for possession of heroin, I found myself in Mecklenburg County’s drug court. I started treatment several months after that, and I was eager to learn how and why I became addicted to heroin.

First Drink at Age 8, Recovery at age 53

The first time I had a shot of rum was 45 years ago, when I was about eight years old. I got it from my grandmother, who was an alcoholic. Looking back, I realize now that my father was an alcoholic, too. In ninth grade, I started with the drugs.

From Hard Drugs to Recovery

I was sixteen years old when I experienced my first encounter with heroin. I had never felt anything like it ... but it seemed like just an instant, like just one night turned my life into tragedy and misery.

A Chronic Relapser Turns the Corner

After a month of going to meetings at Anuvia, making friends there, getting a sponsor and CALLING HIM, I proceeded to shut up and sit down, pay attention and I actually learned something.

La Historia de mi Recuperacion

Le tengo que dar gracias a mi Poder Superior que me dio la valentía y el poder necesario para ayudarme a luchar día tras día con mi problema de actitudes.

A Family Finds Relief

I just can't thank you and your program enough for hanging in there with Zan and advising him and us on taking charge of his life and ours. I am such a supporter of your program and especially Rick and Pat. Just thinking of last Christmas -- whew -- not going there again hopefully.

Anuvia and Drug Treatment Court

Anuvia and Drug Court have helped me a whole lot in my recovery and life changes. My team seems to care, and even the judge cares.

Escaping the Pain of the Past

Anuvia taught me positive coping skills and how to work through my issues, pointing out things I needed to work on and because of that I have the confidence and ability to move forward.

Victory Through Surrender

I stayed in a state of relapse until New Years, when I decided to stop fighting myself and Anuvia altogether.

A Decision to Surrender

At first, I was very reluctant and somewhat negative, but the more I opened up, I found that I wanted to change my life and my future. God and my family were the most important things in my life. I started getting involved and understanding the tools that I needed in my life to take control and stay healthy and sober in mind, body and spirit.