Anuvia now operates the detox facility once operated by Mecklenburg County.

For Mecklenburg County residents, having success with detox can be as simple as getting to Anuvia.  We can give you helpful information if you call us @ 704.445.6900 before arriving.

Social Setting Detoxification

Anuvia’s Detoxification Program provides services 24/7/365 days per year to clients ages 18 and up. It is located at the Samuel Billings Center at 429 Billingsley Road in Charlotte, 28211. Detox provides a safe place to withdraw from alcohol and drugs without having to go to a hospital. During the detoxification stay, clients will gain helpful information regarding detoxification, receive an introduction to self-help groups, and work with a client manager to identify resources to support a strong recovery program. Clients in detox are offered an assessment during their stay and recovery options are discussed.

Our handout, What Should I Bring to Detox? , will over valuable information needed for persons considering detox.  Any questions?  Call us at 704.445.6900.