When I first started my time at Anuvia, I was highly skeptical about what I had gotten involved in. At first I told myself that I did not belong at Anuvia and was resistant, to say the least. After a month or so, I started to think that the social worker/counselor at DSS had deliberately misled me about what kind of place and program she had gotten me into.

After a few months, the material the counselors were teaching started to make sense, and I started to see how the information related to me personally. It was around the third month — Thanksgiving to be exact — that I relapsed, and I understood what addiction really was. I stayed in a state of relapse until New Years when I decided to stop fighting myself and Anuvia altogether. I gave up my vices. I gave up cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, and I decided to have a new life. I decided to have the kind of life Anuvia was promising me and that it was possible.

That next February, I graduated from the Anuvia SACOT program. I saw a life that I did not truly believe could exist. I must say that I have to thank Anuvia for a new lease on life, for a new way of thinking, and for a future that without them could not be possible.

With my deepest and most sincere gratitude,