Many people who struggle with substance use disorders started using at an early age. Access to substances is a significant predictor of early use.

Among Anuvia’s prevention strategies is to encourage the reduction of access to substances in the home, retail outlets, and schools. We work actively with schools and retail outlets to address access.

And we have launched a Safe Homes Campaign to distribute information about access to tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs in the home. Please join us on Facebook and help us spread these important messages throughout our community.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

While many are at home right now, it may be a great opportunity to start conversations with your family about underage and illegal substance use. We will be sharing tips on Facebook to help.

  1. PRESCRIPTION MEDS: Dispose of old or expired medication and secure any needed medication; make sure it is locked away and stored out of reach of children and teenagers. Accidental access contributes!
  2. ALCOHOL: Secure alcohol through locked cabinets, caps, or other safe storage locations.
  3. TOBACCO: Protect others from secondhand smoke by maintaining smoke-free environments, especially inside the home and inside the car. We are here to help you if you are contemplating quitting altogether!