You have more influence over your child than you may think!  The guidance and messages we deliver through our services can support you in raising healthy and responsible children, regardless of their age. Check out our current offerings by clicking on the links:

What Can Parents Do?
1.  Establish good communication with their children.
2.  Get involved in their children’s lives.
3.  Make clear rules, explain the need for them, and enforce them with consistency.
4.  Be positive role models.
5.  Constantly monitor their children and their children’s activities.

Anuvia offers numerous parent and family programs that serve the needs of a diverse range of participants. Some programs are offered on a scheduled basis and are held at Anuvia’s office. Other programs can be tailored for a variety of community settings. Our programs are interactive and skill-based with opportunities for participants to practice new skills. Training methods include group discussions, games, role-playing exercises, audio-visuals and demonstration. Most programs are available in English and Spanish.

Contact us to learn more about how Anuvia’s parent and family programs can benefit you, your organization, or your community.