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Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder (or AUD) describes a pattern of uncontrollable alcohol use that interferes with your daily life, leads to preoccupation with alcohol, or causes problems with the law, your health, and your relationships. Unhealthy alcohol use is far broader, and can include any alcohol use that puts your health or safety at risk (including […]

Opioid Abuse Treatment: Understanding, Options, and Support

Opioid abuse is a public health crisis that has touched most American families in some way. Around 10 million people misuse prescription opioids every year, and in 2020, nearly three in every four overdose deaths in the U.S. involved opioids. While these statistics are staggering, recovery is possible. Many people who once struggled with opioid […]

What to Know About the Signs of Clinical Depression

You may be suffering from clinical depression if you: Find yourself feeling low for weeks at a time Are no longer interested in the activities you once enjoyed Are isolating yourself from friends and family This condition can affect your appetite, your ability to get restful sleep, and even your ability to think clearly—all reasons […]

Resources for College Students

Many college and university students don’t realize that there are resources to help them with substance abuse: A recent study looking at non-prescription drug abuse among college students found that only “51.4% of students were aware of resources, either on or off campus, that help with prescription drug safety.”1 Another study found that “only 4% […]

Teens and Substance Use

Drug and alcohol use rates among adolescents and young adults vary from year to year, but research shows that substance use remains a significant problem for this age group. Teens also tend to minimize the risks of substance use, putting them at greater risk for abusing drugs and alcohol. After reading this blog, you should […]

Charlotte has increase in overdoses, drinking during COVID

Watch your ‘wine o’clock.’ Charlotte has increased in overdoses, drinking during COVID by Amanda Zhou, Charlotte Observer, April 22, 2020 Drug overdoses have increased in Charlotte, according to police, and addiction specialists say they’re concerned people are drinking too much alcohol and resorting to drugs while stuck at home. Since March 26 — when Mecklenburg […]

Thank you Mecklenburg County

We are grateful to Mecklenburg County Public Health for the support we received through a 2022 Grow Grant. The funding enabled us to offer classes in yoga and meditative journaling to individuals who were in our residential treatment program from April – June 2022.   

Client and Family Advisory Committee Member Recruitment

The Client and Family Advisory Committee is recruiting new members! If you’re interested, please contact Edith Moore at 704.445.6868 or Client and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC) Purpose: The Client and Family Advisory Committee will promote quality services for Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center clients and family members by supporting positive changes, services for all clients, […]