My name is Tom, and I am an alcoholic/addict. When the court ordered me to get a substance abuse assessment following my second DUI conviction, I chose Anuvia because I had been there before and knew the people that worked there were not out to get me. As a result of the assessment, I was referred to the SACOT program which is the most intense program they have for people in need of help. I was on probation and in the step-court program which means I pretty much had two probation officers and a lot of appointments with the two of them. During my first appointment with my actual Probation Officer, I failed a drug test for cocaine. Shortly following that snafu I failed a breathalyzer test at my case coordinators office at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. That would not be the last of my foul ups and I thought I was not a candidate for success in sober living.

When I first got into my class at Anuvia, there were all types of people I thought I had nothing in common with. I was disruptive and loud and the same annoying person I had been for the last ten years or so of my life. After a month of going to meetings at Anuvia, making friends there, getting a sponsor and CALLING HIM, I proceeded to shut up and sit down, pay attention and I actually learned something.

Now, I have been to 30 day lockdown facilities and got the boot for drinking in an AA meeting one time, but the program I went through at Anuvia was bar-none the best for me. This was due to the counselors’ genuine care and the attention they give the individual needs of each of their clients. I have been sober now for more than 160 days and have no doubt about what sent me out on the right path, with the right tools and a realistic plan for how to stay clean.