Drug and alcohol issues can be difficult and isolating experiences for both individuals and families. Many people don’t know how to stop on their own, especially as life issues related to alcohol and/or drug use begin to escalate.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) is designed for clients with severe substance use disorders but are assessed as not requiring inpatient level of care. Programs meet three times per week, for twelve weeks with an optional Continuing Care Level that meets once per week, for four to six weeks and allows clients to explore the benefits of support programming. Morning and evening hours are offered.

Anuvia’s IOP allow people to explore their personal triggers for use of drugs and alcohol, to improve their decision making, and to develop personalized relapse prevention plans, while also exploring the benefit of ongoing recovery support through 12-step meeting involvement.

Payment plans are offered as well as a sliding fee scale. Both morning and evening treatment hours are offered.


Dealing with drug and alcohol issues can be tough, but even more so for people who also have mental health issues and have a history of repeated relapses.

That’s where Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment (SACOT) comes in. SACOT is specifically designed for people with severe substance use issues, a history of relapses, and people who have mental health issues in addition to their substance use issues.

SACOT provides daily structured support for managing both substance use and mental health issues simultaneously using an Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment model.

This treatment level includes education, group therapy, and case management services, with a weekly family session. Payment plans are offered for this program and a sliding fee scale is available.


Because many people who abuse alcohol and drugs are also affected by mental health issues, Anuvia offers a Medication Management program. While enrolled in any Anuvia program, clients may be referred to Medication Management. The initial appointment includes a psychiatric evaluation, and follow-up visits for medication management can be scheduled. Medication Management services can be continued once a client completes their treatment program on an ongoing outpatient basis.

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