A Chronic Relapser Turns the Corner

My name is Tom, and I am an alcoholic/addict. When the court ordered me to get a substance abuse assessment following my second DUI conviction, I chose Anuvia because I had been there before and knew the people that worked there were not out to get me. As a result of the assessment, I was referred to the SACOT program which is the most intense program they have for people in need of help. I was on probation and in the step-court program which means I pretty much had two probation officers and a lot of appointments with the two of them. During my first appointment with my actual Probation Officer, I failed a drug test for cocaine. Shortly following that snafu I failed a breathalyzer test at my case coordinators office at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. That would not be the last of my foul ups and I thought I was not a candidate for success in sober living.

When I first got into my class at Anuvia, there were all types of people I thought I had nothing in common with. I was disruptive and loud and the same annoying person I had been for the last ten years or so of my life. After a month of going to meetings at Anuvia, making friends there, getting a sponsor and CALLING HIM, I proceeded to shut up and sit down, pay attention and I actually learned something.

Now, I have been to 30 day lockdown facilities and got the boot for drinking in an AA meeting one time, but the program I went through at Anuvia was bar-none the best for me. This was due to the counselors’ genuine care and the attention they give the individual needs of each of their clients. I have been sober now for more than 160 days and have no doubt about what sent me out on the right path, with the right tools and a realistic plan for how to stay clean.


La Historia de mi Recuperacion

Una persona una vez me comento una frase hace muchos años atrás que dice:

“Las experiencias fallidas, son las puertas abiertas a una nueva oportunidad.”

Le tengo que dar gracias a mi Poder Superior que me dio la valentía y el poder necesario para ayudarme a luchar día tras día con mi problema de actitudes.

Gracias a la colaboración y ayuda de las consejeras y compañeros de clase que también creyeron en mi. Espero, siempre poner en práctica todo lo que aprendí durante todo este tiempo, para llegar a ser una persona de bien para mi familia y la sociedad.

Mil Gracias

A Family Finds Relief

Dear Anuvia,

I have been wanting to write you for a while and tell you how Zan is doing. He has been clean since April and is just starting to come out of the fog he has been in. We can see his sense of humor back – his mind is getting sharper every time we see him. He is still in the half-way house which is a good thing for all.

He works as a valet at night and actually was written up in the company newsletter for the good job he is doing. Zan finished his first quarter at CPCC and is scheduled to start again in January.

I just can’t thank you and your program enough for hanging in there with Zan and advising him and us on taking charge of his life and ours. I am such a supporter of your program and especially Rick and Pat. Just thinking of last Christmas — whew — not going there again hopefully.

I just wanted to let you know how thankful we all are for Anuvia and the wonderful staff that is there.

Take care,

Anuvia and Drug Treatment Court

Anuvia and Drug Court have helped me a whole lot in my recovery and life changes. My team seems to care, and even the judge cares. I love Anuvia and thank God for this (program) because without it, I think I would be forever lost. I look forward to just checking in now and then. I never ever want to smoke marijuana again and I’m saying that from the heart. I’m happy and feel this has made me a better person and mom. I’m loving the new me!. Thank you Drug Court and Anuvia.

Victory Through Surrender

When I first started my time at Anuvia, I was highly skeptical about what I had gotten involved in. At first I told myself that I did not belong at Anuvia and was resistant, to say the least. After a month or so, I started to think that the social worker/counselor at DSS had deliberately misled me about what kind of place and program she had gotten me into.

After a few months, the material the counselors were teaching started to make sense, and I started to see how the information related to me personally. It was around the third month — Thanksgiving to be exact — that I relapsed, and I understood what addiction really was. I stayed in a state of relapse until New Years when I decided to stop fighting myself and Anuvia altogether. I gave up my vices. I gave up cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, and I decided to have a new life. I decided to have the kind of life Anuvia was promising me and that it was possible.

That next February, I graduated from the Anuvia SACOT program. I saw a life that I did not truly believe could exist. I must say that I have to thank Anuvia for a new lease on life, for a new way of thinking, and for a future that without them could not be possible.

With my deepest and most sincere gratitude,

A Decision to Surrender

My life was out of control. I had thoughts of suicide and was severely depressed. I knew I needed help but did not want to make the decision to “never” use again. My family, work and most important, my faith and spirituality was nonexistent.

I became friends with one of the staff members at Anuvia and was constantly encouraged to get the treatment I needed and that my family deserved. After several near fatal binges, I was given the ultimatum of a lifetime from my wife. I was evaluated and after several missed starts I began Anuvia’s intensive outpatient treatment program.

At first, I was very reluctant and somewhat negative, but the more I opened up, I found that I wanted to change my life and my future. God and my family were the most important things in my life. I started getting involved and understanding the tools that I needed in my life to take control and stay healthy and sober in mind, body and spirit.

The Anuvia counselors have been incredible and extremely encouraging and supportive in the process. I am extremely blessed and confident in everything I have learned in the program. I would not change it for the world. It seems very inconvenient at first but it is the best investment of time you could ever spend. It is absolutely a life altering program.