Can I come into treatment if I am on methadone?

We do not provide methadone maintenance or treatment. We refer people to programs that specialize in this service.

What is involved in treatment?

An assessment or screening will determine if a person needs treatment and what program best meets that person’s needs. If a client comes to treatment at Anuvia, treatment involves a combination of client and group counseling. Also, certain levels of treatment involve family education and counseling. The focus of treatment is to help the client to increase understanding of substance abuse and dependence, to have the correct information to assess his or her own experience with alcohol and/or other substances, to practice abstinence, to explore 12-Step recovery and to build support for ongoing recovery. Along with group, counselors provide individual counseling, follow –up with referring agencies and referral for other services needed.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is a structured interview in which a state licensed or certified counselor gathers information from you to determine whether you need and will benefit from substance abuse treatment and/or counseling or support services. If treatment services are needed, the assessor also recommends a level of treatment and explores with you where these services are offered. Unless you are directly ordered by a judge to come to Anuvia for any recommended treatment, you have a choice where you can attend treatment and the assessor will assist you in a referral if needed. We offer assessments in both English and Spanish. We also provide assessments for the hearing impaired, and those with other disabilities, with special accommodations provided as needed.

How long does an assessment take?

Depending on the type of assessment you will need, it can take from 1 ½ to 3 hours to complete the assessment.

Do you offer childcare?

We do not offer childcare.

Can my family be involved with my treatment?

Yes, we strongly encourage family involvement with you while you are in treatment. We offer multifamily days at no additional cost to you. On those days, families attend education and group with you, with your permission. Because babies and small children get restless and need extra attention that can interrupt counseling/education sessions, we ask that you bring children who are at least 9 years old.

Will I be able to take prescribed medication while in treatment?

Yes, we believe that certain medications actually enhance treatment and recovery. We ask that the client bring in all medications at the time of assessment or newly prescribed medications during treatment for our medical staff to review.

If I work in the daytime, can I come to treatment at night?

We offer both morning and evening hours.

Do you have flexible treatment hours?

As a client you will be assigned to a Day Program or an Evening Program, according to your personal needs and schedule. If you schedule changes because of a new work schedule or school hours or other circumstances, we can transfer you from one program to the other. Because building group trust is important, we cannot allow you to alternate between day groups and evening groups. (Please note that SACOT is a day program only)

Do you provide individual counseling?

We find that group counseling is the most effective treatment for people with substance abuse issues, but we do provide individual counseling as a part of our group treatment program.