Prescription drug abuse is a prominent public health crisis both nationally and in North Carolina. To help educate families in our community about making their homes safe from prescription drug misuse, Anuvia has launched the Safe Homes Campaign

What Can I Do to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse?

Medication Misuse by the Numbers

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What is the Lock Your Meds Campaign?

Anuvia is committed to preventing the abuse of prescription drugs in Mecklenburg County. Research has shown that most youth who begin trying prescription drugs for non-medical purposes do so at their home. We at Anuvia want to take a proactive step to ensure we are limiting access to prescription drugs within the homes of our community members.

Lock Your Meds ® is a national campaign through the National Family Partnership. This campaign is aimed at encouraging parents and caregivers to keep all medication in their home locked away and out of reach of youth.