Collaborative Approaches

Anuvia collaborates with community members and other organizations to help create and sustain community systems and environments that support individuals and families in maintaining healthy lifestyles. Examples include:

Environmental Approaches

Anuvia also promotes environmental approaches to the reduction of risk factors and preservation or increase of protective factors that contribute to the prevention of substance abuse. Policy changes, greater enforcement of existing policy and laws, changing or establishing written or unwritten community standards, and developing community awareness of issues, policies, and laws are examples of those environmental approaches supported by Anuvia. Specifically, through its independent and collaborative work.

Anuvia employs community awareness and media efforts, promotes restrictions on tobacco use in public places and private workplaces, supports neighborhood anti-drug strategies, supports alcohol purchase surveys and assists in highlighting the results of such, participates in providing feedback to merchants, and partners with law enforcement to provide and gain more visibility for more frequent enforcement operations.