My story begins at the detox on Billingsley Road. While I was there, it was suggested to me that I go to the outpatient treatment program (SACOT) at Anuvia. I thought SACOT was only offered at the Men’s Shelter, so this information helped, but I didn’t go.

Days passed. I was not going to 12-step meetings even though I was thinking of drinking. I was able to realize where picking up would lead me. Confused, I went back to Billingsley detox for direction. For some reason I heard something I didn’t hear while I was leaving detox. As it turned out there was a SACOT program where CDC used to be, namely Anuvia.

The first person I met was Ms. Margaret.She is in so many ways unique. She appears to be stern and kind at the same time, she truly has a gift.

So class started.What a variety of people I was introduced to! Not only was I introduced to them, but they were introduced to me. I became willing to listen and to learn. I have become aware of how disabling my disorder is. I was shown through others and their disorders how tolerant I must be. It is very humbling to understand. I hope I will continue to grow.

In closing, the staff at Anuvia is truly a God send to me. It would be difficult for me to single any one of them out. They work so closely as a team it is difficult to pick your favorite. I have not seen any one of them at any time not be positive. Mentally, they are so healthy. It is my pleasure to know them.

Note: Greg has completed SACOT and has been accepted into culinary school with a start date of September 15, 2009.